Welcome to my virtual headspace; a place where inspiration never sleeps and words have a mind of their own.

A girl with Southern roots and a Rocky Mountain heart, I've dedicated the last ten years to human observation in the global classroom. The results have been life changing. Much of what I write revolves around the people and places I've encountered on my journeys. I specialize in experiential travel and creative non-fiction. I am fluent in Spanish (and pretty convincingly so in Portuguese) and am especially interested in project-based, team-oriented work on multi-cultural projects.

After two and a half years living in Bhutan, I am back in the United States, a new mother, working to cultivate a lifestyle that honors the places I've been, the lessons I've learned, and my goals for the future. I am actively seeking teams that build products to improve lives, generate engaging content and effect positive change in their communities. I am open to all types of freelance projects (both short and long-term) on the east coast and Colorado, (and anywhere else you want to go!) including--but not limited to-- public relations, brand management, editorial editing/consulting, translation and multi-lingual content creation.

Relationships are important to me and I place great value on them in both my personal and professional life. Through this collection of work you will learn who I am. My writing process is very personal and while I prefer to do it pen on paper, beautiful things can happen when words and images collide through the interwebs.

This site is meant to serve as an incubator for words, ideas, visions, dreams. I hope it will connect me with other intentional wanderers of the world; those who value diversity and cultural awareness; who realize the power of collective brainstorming; who understand the impact of radical collaboration; who seek creative ways to connect with their fellow humans. 

Enjoy your visit. I look forward to working with you soon. 

Happy Trails,



" You have to dig. You have to get down on your hands and knees and let go of your pride and you have to dig, with every ounce of your strength. You're young, and you haven't done this before. Do it now! If you commit to nothing else, commit to figuring out what makes you happy, and what makes you unhappy. But to do that, you have to accept that you DO have preferences. Stop trying to be good and stop trying to have a good attitude.

And when a motherfucker comes by and tells you you're doing it wrong, laugh out loud. No one knows better than you how to do this. Trust your instincts. You can cry and be grumpy and be angry and be happy and hate street fairs and have a great attitude and have a shitty attitude and work hard and be lazy, all at the same time. Follow your heart. Don't give up. Laugh out loud, and get back to digging. "

- Ask Polly, New York Magazine