Featuring high-end couture deeply rooted in Bhutanese heritage, Chimmi House of Design creates timeless silhouettes using the traditional weaving techniques that have been passed down through generations of Bhutanese families. Designer Chimmi Choden encourages creativity and independence through an integrated and sustainable business model, offering salaried employment to local weavers, tailors, and craftsmen. Together, Chimmi and her team are building a socially conscious brand that is working to revive - and ultimately redefine - Bhutanese textiles for modern times.


I was hired by CHD as a Brand Consultant/Publicist in January, 2016. In March we launched the brand's website; www.chimmihouseofdesign.com. In April, CHD was featured in PEOPLE Magazine, and in October, 2016 CHD made its debut in VOGUE India magazine for their Traveling Jacket Project. Our most recent project reaches far beyond the world of fashion; selected as the country representative for Bhutan, CHIMMI House of Design was honored to design Bhutan's flag for the Flags For Peace Project. 

Responsibilities: Designed CHD website, business card, and marketing brochure. Wrote all website copy and shot many of the photographs. Maintain the Press & Events page and manage all media inquiries and PR work. Created designer profile on esteemed fashion website, Not Just a Label, which serves as a platform for rising independent designers from around the world. Wote CHD Business Plan which garnered a small business loan granted by the Loden Foundation. Built a Sponsorship Proposal with incentives to engage local business to help cover up-front production costs for the 2016 Spring/Summer collection showcased in March at the Mercedes Benz STYLO Asian Fashion Week in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia, and the Eastern Fashion Legacy event in Calcutta, India. 

YEEWONG is Bhutan's first and only Women's magazine. Launched in 2012, the vision of the magazine is "Bringing Her Forward." The publication works to create a space to discuss issue's facing Bhutanese women and also provide an outlet for information relating to Health & Beauty, Art & Fashion, Food & Travel. The magazine recently launched their website; www.yeewongmagazine.com and YouTube channel to connect with wider audiences throughout Bhutan and the South Himalayan region. 

Responsibilities: I worked as an Advising editor and freelance writer from August, 2015 - January 2017. In addition to contributing articles, I worked directly with the magazine's founder/publisher, Pema Choden, advising on editorial style, brand development, social media strategy and web content. My last article interviewing the cast and crew Hema Hema: Sing Me a Song While I Wait was published just days after the film was banned in Bhutan, drawing wide criticism for Bhutan's strict media regulations. I also worked as a ghost writer for the Special Tribute Edition honoring His Majesty the 4th King's birth anniversary.  



TEDx is an independent platform created to spark conversations and connections through "ideas worth spreading." The locally organized TEDx Youth event was athe first of its kind in Bhutan and took place on February 18th, 2015 in the country's capital city, Thimphu. Seven of Thimphu’s next generation leaders and change makers took to the TED stage with thought provoking talks that provided a rare glimpse into the world seen through their eyes. 

Responsibilities: I worked as a Speaker Curator for the event, mentoring the youth throughout the speech writing process; focusing on idea development, draft writing, final revisions, stage presence and public speaking tips. I was guided under the leadership of TEDx@SantaCruz Curator, Irene Tsouprake.