Blink Think

It was but one inner moment
some small, spark of forlorn mysticism
that I began to come to
How in the tender, enticing, and fleeting aspects of time
the perceptions of humanity roll over each other, confront one another
to bespeak of a past long forgotton

As I sit among the swaying palm trees
the golden light glistens through the sharp leaves
I take in heavy breaths and exhale a deep, damp fog over myself
The crickets begin their songs and the town falls into a quiet slumber before the night owls
begin their screeching calls. High in the black sky the ancient navigators wink their eyes and I know now
this is the time when I will grow most.  My neck hairs prickle into dozens of bumps and my ideas ebb and flow
An enchanted garden planted within my soul stirs and all that lies before my eyes is wonder, excitement, and adventure.
Find yourself says I, accept a new way of living, untie those restless nots and let the inner troubles of your soul dissolve.