Cordillera Huayhuash

She soaked my soul to feel this life...

To be humbled is to succeed
To grow is to flower from one´s seed
Limit the follies and store the feed
Don´t let boundaries give way to heed

Dominance I thought was a man´s domain
Yet here She steers me, Strider on a rein
Pulling me down into a whirling drain
Forcing me to embrace the cold, sharp pain

"Mother please relent and quit this show
I repent, I repent, my heart is beating slow
Give me a chance and withdraw this flow
I´ll make it, I´ll make it, I promise I´ll grow"
But fierce with terror She held me below
I suffered, I choked, I stroked one last row

Indifferent and insipid She held me hand on heel
Dipping me like a Christmas parchment in a lake as cold and hard as steel
"Wake up you foolish boy, and grab this ship by stern and keel
If you want to master me, you must take the wheel

Odysseus was lucky and Achilles too
But I doubt that you stand with one of these few
Take your lance and step away from the pew
It is I, Mother, God who is in front of you

Act afraid, I dare, I´ll devour you
But make a stand I demand you to
It´s your last chance no more clues
Fight now or forever lose"

And I as solitary and solemn as I was
Stood up and fought for one last cause
For life, acceptance, and humanity´s laws
I straightened my back, I tightened my jaws

"Try me Mother," said I, "I am more than flesh and bone
I stem from within you and therefore I will not die alone
Freeze me, squeeze me, trap me on a snow-peaked cone
Do it I´m ready, there´s no reason to post-pone"

And as I charged into the eye of the treacherous storm
She disappeared with a wink and a grace of form
And left among the mountains soaked and torn
Crying out, a new man was born