Origami Alien

In Vilcabamba Ecuador I met a man from Saturn.
He sat atop a mountainside folding an origami pattern.
Paper Pegasus in hand, a tranquil look in his eye,
why shouldn't I believe him, why would he tell a lie?

¨Music comes from Saturn,¨ he whispered in my ear
and suddenly I realized it was his clarinet that drew me near
as I struggled up the spine
of that treacherously beautiful climb.

For a while I sat quiet, so many questions burning in my mind.
¨How long will you be here?¨ I finally ask, breaking the silent time.                                                              
                ¨I can stay as long as I like,
I will return home when the time is right.¨
¨There are no words here to describe my planet,
it's a feeling you come to know, you wouldn't understand it.¨

¨Try me,¨ I jested, ¨I have a good imagination.¨
¨It starts by opening your heart and feeling the sensation
of the elements of the universe,
of the stars and the planets.¨

¨Vast is this galaxy and the life very diverse,
but most are not yet ready to accept
existence beyond the glass and granite
boxes that limit their mind set on this earth.¨

¨Free yourself from this narrow vision
and you will come to know true beauty and wisdom.
This is the secret of Saturn,
it comes from within.
You will not see it with your eyes but it is all around.¨
And with that last comment he began playing a sound
that carried us down the mountain and into the unknown again.

written for Katie Ogle
with love, vernon