Under the Stars in Colca Canyon

The moon is nearly full. We will probably be hiking towards Machu Picchu at its fullest. I have as many questions floating in my head as there are stars in the sky. It is not often we are blessed with a sky as clear and bright as this. Our faithful guide, Orion, is shining with strength. A shooting star races across the sky...then another. The sound of the river below is a soothing melody floating into my ears and washing over my soul. Maybe it´s because I grew up in a valley, but being in this canyon (the second deepest in the world) makes me feel at home. Clouds illuminated by the moonlight show off a zoo of animals. The ridges of the descending canyon look like faces of grandfathers past. I long to ask them of my fate, my purpose in this life. They would only slyly smile back, for I know that these are not questions to be answered by even the wisest of souls. These are for me to discover for myself. I sit in silence for a moment of peaceful solitude in the grass. Silence provides my mind a break from the busyness of thoughts. A burning excitement runs through my being. A calm warmth resides in my heart. My lesson here is patience. In time, the answers will come.
desert oasis

Steph San