the city that never sleeps...


Evita Pero

Av. 9 de Julio- 18 lanes wide
Sunset on Sarmiento

              First night out with my wonderful hostesses

tango en la calle
There is so much to do here and in two weeks I have not even come close to doing it all, but this is a city that I will most certainly return to. The people are strikingly beautiful and have been nothing but helpful towards me. They are passionate and full of life and it is so appropriate that the tango is the national dance.
 is not just a dance, but an expression of life and love. It is inspiring and undeniably sexy to watch these people as they twist across the floor with their serious faces and impossible footwork. I have learned the most basic steps but it would take a lifetime to master this art. 
first tango lesson

The people here love to dance and there are endless bailes folkloricos that are passed down generation to generation. Last Sunday I went to one of the many weekend markets and spent the entire day wandering through the crowds, eating choripan, watching both young and old invite one another to dance. They were so happy and the sheer joy on their faces brought tears to my eyes. For me, this is the essence of South America... the pleasure and love and passion that these people share is overwhelming. This is what has lured me back and this will be my reason for staying. I am so grateful for the hospitality and friendship that has been offered to me, and I leave Buenos Aires exhausted but inspired and excited for the next leg of my journey. I will leave you with these photos as I venture south to Patagonia...
my dance partner


a choripan for the lady, (and one for her booty too)



jazz in the subte
Puerto Madero with my amiga from the plane

best street music ever
sculptura en viva