Dias Domingueros

"Chica chica, cual es tu mundo?"
It's raining here at the casa but up top I imagine giant snowflakes flying through the air. "Hoy es un buen dia Patagonico" como dice Mauro. Delicious smells wafting from the kitchen, chef Mauro stewing magic in a pot. Cerveza y faso para los chicos. Live music in the living room, amigo Panchi playing the guitar, impromptu jam sessions with Anita on this lovely grey September afternoon. Todo genial...............y de repente, 'WOOOOOOOAAA" grite Panchi. This guy is brilliant. Rythm at it's very roots, born from an old soul. One of his lines says "Que seria de mi de haber nacido casi cuatro decadas atras?" That's exactly what I thought after the first couple strokes of the guitar. He's a soul of 60's rock 'n blues. "Somos los nietos de rock que va a morir de cancer." Absolute genio.

el groso

Everybody loves Sundays, no? Whether you enjoy yours lounging around the house sipping coffee, reading, brunching, Sunday Funday with mimosas, bloody marys or an afternoon flotilla, a noodle leg day on the ski mountain that inevitably ends with a beer on the deck at el Cabo o Conexion,a series of college football games on tv if that's your thing, baking cookie wookies, a late afternoon feast, impromptu picada and wine tasting, drinking mate with friends, playing guitar, writing, drawing, daydreaming... Sunday is generally a day of rest for all, a day to do exactly what you please. 

In Argentina, they have a word for this; 'Dominguiando', 'Sundaying'. I am fortunate enough to live in a never ending Sunday. 

So cheers to Sunday! (and Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday and.....)

Asado at Lucho's

pizza on la parilla
oooooh que recuerdos de Colombiaaa........

tabla de chocolates
tabla de empanadas      

A day in the life of Laurita

un almuerzo de reinas

reflecting el sol

the infamous Chataaaa
snow above, water below
Spring afternoon on the lake
"Not all who wander are lost" a day in the life de la Familia Viajera

Reuse Recycle

Arte Patagonica

A PHOTO JOURNAL of 'Domingos'

Happy Tuesday :)