Refugio Frey

My very first back-country wilderness snowboard adventure. Three days of unforgettable hiking, riding, friendship, snow caves, sunshine, stars y una luna casi llena. Many thanks to the chicos of FreshTracks ski & snowboard school for inviting me to join in on their end of the season party. By far some of the most memorable moments of the year... learning to ride with a 20 kilo backpack, fighting 5 hours up the mountain while sinking up to my hips in snow, soaking wet everything, first sight of the Refugio, 360' views, untouched spring powder lines, snow glare sun burns, igloo smoke sessions, moon glow, endless fits of laughter, "bolsaaaa"!!!

no words can describe the savageness of this experience, Refugio Fray is meant to be lived not told so I'll let the photos do the storytelling. BEST.TIME.EVER.

the mochila beast

the traverse

the first bajada


love in the woods

the arrival...finally

el refugio
rock beasts

lady luna

never fails to find a little piece of home :)

los pibes
the backyard

vamos pa' arribaaa

las chicasssss

Pato, la grosaaa

a view from the top

oh look what happened to be waiting for us in the snow cave! how convenient 


break time

fotografo cool down
peak a boo
igloo shenanigans
las bajadas
too phallic not to laugh
pack much?

my trail partner

rugged timelessness

REFUGIO FREY, Septiembre 2012
FreshTracks Fiesta de Primavera