El Canto de la Ballena

Ballena Franco Austral, Southern Right Whale
It is a sound born deep in the belly of the ocean. A low, slow moan emanating from the great depths, from the sacred home of these enormous creatures. It's melody is sad yet soothing, penetrating the soul and shaping the dreams of those lucky enough to be sleeping on the shores of their seas. Their song is like a meditation, the melodies almost hypnotizing; a giant singing bowl del mar. The mighty om of the ocean vibrates the core, breaching the surface of the waves, floating on the wind, dancing with the sands, swirling my mind as I drift peacefully to sleep...Ballena lullaby. 

hiking in Peninsula Valdes

with Caro, Seba & Raquel

Four days in marine animal paradise. The honest beauty of these creatures in their daily activities is overwhelming, but the exploitation of their playground is embarrassing. The people pay hundreds and hundreds of pesos to gawk at the whales from a boat, interrupting the picture perfect view from our campsite where we sit silently in awe of their splendor. The sound of gushing water announces their arrival- mother and baby making their way across the bay, giant heads appearing from beneath the turquoise water. Glorious beasts of the sea! What a beautiful moment to witness here in the quiet of the desert dunes that fall into the great blue of the Atlantic. What a treasure to be able to share this habitat with you for a few days! I'm sorry for the boat loads of tourists that interrupt your belly flops in the undulating waves, scaring you away with their noisy motors. But thank you for returning again when it is quiet and the sun is setting and it's just you and me. I like to think that you know I'm here and that you feel no threat from me, feel my energy, know that my heart is good. I will pretend that the show you just gave of jumps and flops and tail slaps was just for us because you know that we enjoyed it as just as much as you. I wish you luck in your journey across the seas. May you travel safe and may you return to this place without fear of human interference. I will do my part to keep your oceans clean and will forever carry these moments we have shared in my heart-- I will share them with my family and friends and eventually with my children and grandchildren and the story will always begin with “El Caaaanto de laaaa Ballenaaaa”....  

they love to float on their backs :)
mother and baby, our neighbors in Punta Pardelas

 a shell collectors dream

isla escondida

harem of elephant seals, Isla Escondida

the pups
big daddy

sonriendo :)

man in charge
Lola & lil Jerry

i mean seriously, could you be any cuter??!!
saying goodbye to our blubber loves
penguin prints

oh, well helloooo you!

penguin love

penguin poop! 

circle of life...
Atlantico, you've never been more beautiful 

Punta Pyramides