Jungle Book

Mochila is packed, too heavy, but I've done this before, somehow my body always manages to come through. There are moments when I am sure my calf muscles are going to explode from the skin. Steady breathing, sweat dripping down my red face, I reach another viewpoint looking down over the oceans and coves carved into mountains tumbling delicately along the coast. Green contrasts with blue. Heat is lessened by a cool breeze. There is always a little waterfall waiting somewhere, just in the nick of time. Four days of hiking through the Mata Atlântica...

Fisherman, Ponta Negra

looking down on Martin da Sa

Pouso Cajaiba

Luis, my little buddy

repairing the nets

Praia Grande

Agatha and Julie, thank you ladies!

Saco Mamangua
Pão de Açucar

Refugio Mamangua
just resting my feet before the last stretch... could have stayed here forever