Take me back to Rio

Six months later, I am finally getting around to sharing the photos from Rio. You won't be disappointed, this is well worth the wait.

leaving Paraty
Every time I pack my backpack I am utterly amazed at the amount of things I can manage to stuff inside that thing. I have this shit down to an art- ever square centimeter is occupied in the most efficient capacity, but I could not possible lift it onto my back were it just two kilos heavier. So off I go again, on the last leg of my first (because there will undoubtedly be many more) Brazilian adventure. And where else to end a trip in Brasil, but RIO?

I honestly don't know where to start. It has been over six months since I left Rio and I can't seem to gather my words about the place right. I am admittedly a city-phobe. They throw me off. I feel very intimidated by the city. I feel disconnected and reserved, drained of energy from the sheer movement and noise of the place. Arriving to Rio de Janiero is like getting a rough, wrap-u-up hug from a hefty, happy drunk man. This man then swiftly twirls you into a Samba and all of a sudden an explosion of tambores appears behind you. This place is wild. And I liked it.

First off, this is Brasil. Brasil is like no other place on earth. And Rio, well Rio is in a league of it's own. I dare you to compare Rio to any other city in the world. This place is fierce. 
Rio is too savage for New York; after Buenos Aires goes to bed, Rio is blowing lines with Medellin in La Paz, then blazes with Bogota before a quickie with Istanbul and sunrise on the beach with Barcelona. Oh, Paris? Rio ate Paris for dessert last night. 

blue squares
Dichotomy. This is the first word that comes to mind when I think of Rio. It is a massive sprawl of man vs. wild. The jungle encroaches on the soft inner thigh of the city, but the billion dollar skyscrapers are busy pushing and shoving each other to get the better view of the ocean while the beauty queen, with her blood red lips and glittery dress, tries unsuccessfully to hide the jagged, yellowing teeth of the favela that peak out behind her smile.

being decadent in the snazzy-ist cafe in Rio

Harry Potter library

hiking to o Cristo

Ingrid and the monkies! 

view from the favelas


as dois irmaos

Noe y Wuanchaaan. amigos barilochenses!
third and last visit to the stairs
mais amor
sunrise 1

primiero Sol de Noite

Sunrise 2

last morning in Rio
here he comes...

Ciao! Rio, this won´t  be the last time...........