Ode to the Penis

Oh Great Penis,

Thunderbolt of Wisdom
Slayer of evil spirits
Defiler of virgins
Giver of good fortune
Merriment of maidens
Envy of the impotent
Phobia of nuns
Pastime of monks
Devious snake
Gallant gentleman

We salute you in all your veined glory. Flaccid or hard, long or short, skinny or chubby, we recognize your power to thrill and indulge. You are a throbbing example of how to let go of the past and live in the present. Your uncomely beauty is a vital lesson in self-love. You are strong yet sensitive, rigid yet flexible, your eagerness to please does not trump your pointed authority in the world. 

Oh Great Penis, soldier against demons, protector of families,   we welcome you into our beds and hearts. 

dog sleeps under a watchful eye

Drupka Kunley(1455-1529) was a Tantric Buddhist Master and Patron Saint of Bhutan. His legendary genitals continue to inspire the ripe phallic art throughout the country. A little poem about the famous 'Divine Madman'...

‘The Divine Man is mad’, they cried.
Let’s build a temple in honor of his one eyed
monster!  Some called him, pietist others claim.
Numerous were the fair young maidens he inflamed.
Wild were his ways, unconventional and bold.
His lust was insatiable and much lore was told
of evil dragons subdued by his mighty erection.
Bhutan’s glorified deviant, wine and women his predilection.
His words foul, his manners vulgar, but nothing could taint
the infamous legend of the kinky saint.
Perverted or not, his teachings were concise
For he knew best how to manipulate man’s vice.
Defile their women, expose their lust,
                                                                exude debauchery and you’ll will their trust.
                                                                They’ll paint your veiny member on the walls of their homes.
                                                                Fat cock in hand, no need for subtle undertones. 
                                                                Illness be gone, wicked spirits evacuate,
                                                               This house is protected by the Divine ejaculate.  

A little poem from the Madman himself;

'I take refuge in an old man's chastened penis, withered at the
fallen like a dead tree;
I take refuge in an old woman's flaccid vagina, collapsed,
       impenetrable, and sponge-like;
I take refuge in the virile young tiger's Thunderbolt, rising proudly,
       indifferent to death;
I take refuge in the maiden's Lotus, filling her with rolling bliss
       waves, releasing her from shame and inhibition.'